Case Navigator™ is a service-based business that uses teaching, a task list, and technology to help parents safely reunify with their children faster.

  • Teaching – A one-time class is offered to parents at the beginning of the case that focuses on three things:
    • Foundational knowledge – terms/acronyms, process, and logistics
    • “Best practices” – Although everything is important, some things are more important than others. Consistent, appropriate visitation, participation in therapy (if ordered) and substance abuse treatment (again, if ordered) are critical, as is following any orders related to domestic abuse or criminal charges.
    • Technology – we’ll set it up and teach parents how to use it.
  • Task ListParents are asked to do a lot of things by a variety of people. They must consult multiple documents to make sure they are doing everything they are asked to do. And, those documents are often filled with “legalese” or social work jargon. The task list is a one-page document created for parents that clearly and concisely outlines exactly what they are responsible for.
  • Technology Apps (for both iOS and Android) and a web interface puts all the critical documents, contacts, and resources in one place. Easy to find, easy to access, easy to update. No more looking across systems for what you need.
    • Additionally, push notification reminders about hearings help reduce the incidents of missed hearings.

Basic foundational knowledge, a streamlined process, and technology to tie it all together—it’s a simple solution to help parents stay on track (and to keep the professionals informed as well!), leading to better outcomes for families.