Following is a DRAFT Mock-up of what the tech piece MIGHT look like. I am currently working with a tech company to create the best possible site. There will be an app that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Each time a parent logs in, they are asked if their information needs to be updated. If they choose “Yes,” they will be taken directly to the contracts page where they can update their information. If they choose “Yes, but…” they will receive a reminder to update in subsequent sign-ins. The advantage to this is that the updated information can be uploaded once on the site, for the benefit of the entire team, instead of sending multiple emails/making repeated phone calls.



Two critical dates appear at the top of every screen: the date of the next hearing, and the date of the next Family Team Meeting. There is no calendar in this program. The most often asked question to DHS and/or attorneys is, “When is my next hearing?” Now they can look that up themselves, 24/7. Below that are three drop-down menus: documents, contacts, and resources.

Below that are three drop-down menus: documents, contacts, and resources.

The drop-down menu for “Documents” includes .pdf orders, FTM notes, approved Case Plans, and the Prioritized Task List. In all cases, the most recent document is at the top for easy access.

The drop-down menu for Contacts is the place anyone on the team to update his/her contact information once. The information would also include the role of each person listed (e.g., parent, DHS, attorney). While there is a core team, some families involved with specialty courts (e.g., Zero-to-Three Safe Babies) might have additional team members (e.g., Early Access, Head Start, etc.)



The Resources page includes links to services (community or otherwise), as well as general information about a wide variety of topics related to parenting and/or juvenile court, foster care, substance use disorders (and treatment), homelessness, incarcerated parents, etc.




In addition to the site, the vision includes push notifications to remind clients of upcoming court hearings and family team meetings.

With regard to hearings, parents receive three (3) reminders: a week before court (with a reminder to contact their attorney if they haven’t already); one the day before; and one the day of.

FTM notices are sent out once, the day before the meeting.